Red Robin


About a month back, before I’d even started packing up my old apartment to move down here, I spent the weekend at Matt’s house while his parents were visiting. The drive from their house is about an hour and a half, and they had come up early to install a new screen door to the main entrance of the house. We spent dinner in Baltimore on Saturday night with Matt’s parents, brother and his girlfriend (dinner which will be discussed in another post!) but Sunday was just for us.

I woke up early that day because I wanted to get breakfast at IKEA, but we missed it by about a minute; a restaurant employee was just roping off the line as we walked up. Instead, we got lunch, walked around the store for a good long time, and picked up a few things for my bedroom. (I’ll discuss this, with photos, when I’m completely done unpacking.)

After a busy day of running errands and assembling furniture, we hit Red Robin for dinner, mostly because it was one place that was still open. We ordered the fried zucchini appetizer—so good!—and both Matt and I ended up choosing the same entree with minor differences: the Whiskey River BBQ Burger. His came with a gourmet beef patty and steak fries, mine with a Garden Burger and sweet potato fries.

(Side note: I’d ordered a Boca vegan burger at Red Robin in the past, and remembered not liking it, although I’ve bought and cooked my own Boca Burgers at home. I’m not sure what the difference is.)

This thing is delicious and wonderfully messy. The sauce is sweet and tangy, and fits terribly well with the crunchy onion strings and cheddar cheese. My only complaint is that it’s stacked so high with toppings that I have trouble getting it into my mouth—an interesting side effect of my wisdom teeth removal two years ago.

The servers at Red Robin are great about answering questions on food ingredients; if they don’t know, finding that information is no hassle. I don’t remember who out our server was that night, but she was fabulous about bring me more freckled lemonade when my glass was nearing empty.

I cannot comment on any of the meat-oriented dinners, but the veggie burgers are definitely acceptable. Easy to customize, tasty ingredients, bottomless fries… It’s a decent place to hit when you’re hungry and in the mood for a sit-down restaurant-type burger (as opposed to a place like Fatburger or Five Guys).

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