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Max’s Best Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream cone

I’d passed by Max’s Best Ice Cream many times, wondering about the truthfulness in the shop’s name. There seemed to be a good number of quality reviews, but, as often is the case, I had neither the time nor the money. Max’s is a cash-only business, and I rarely ever carry cash on me; this is the main hindrance to me testing the validity of “best ice cream” for so long.

One Sunday last month, I was able to stop in after having a lovely dinner with Matt. Luckily, Matt had some cash on him, and while we weren’t exactly planning on hitting Max’s after dinner, he was kind enough to treat me to some anyway. Score!

I was a little overwhelmed by the ice cream menu, which boasted several delicious sounding flavors, but for my first visit, I went with something simple: a strawberry waffle cone. Strawberry is my favorite ice cream, and if a place has a good strawberry, I know they are mint. This strawberry was wonderfully fruity and creamy, without being overly sweet like some strawberry ice creams can be. The chunks were plentiful, and a nice size for biting. Nothing can be worse than a huge hunk of strawberry that’s too big to chew! The waffle cone was crisp, and the flavor didn’t take anything away from the ice cream.

I can’t wait to go back sometime I have cash on hand, and eat my way through the menu. They appear to have a variety of flavors that change, including seasonal flavors, so if I spot something tasty, I may just have to suck it up and use the ATM inside.

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